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Zeboyd Games Announces Cosmic Star Heroines


Zeboyd Games Announces Cosmic Star Heroines


Zeboyd Games has been teasing a new RPG for a while now and finally we get the big reveal. Zeboyd’s next game is Cosmic Star Heroines. With Penny Arcade’s: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 finally out to the world, they are ready to move up and on from XNA and begin work with the Unity engine. The art is fairly reminiscent of old Sega RPG’s like Phantasy Star and lead designer Robert Boyd has taken to twitter to announce the game will be working similar to Chrono Trigger in the layout of the battle system (though it will still be a turn based RPG).

A few bullet points on the game have been revealed so far:

  • Future sci-fi setting
  • 2D pixel art visuals (but with various improvements over our previous games including bigger and more animated ally sprites)
  • Created with Unity so that we can cover more platforms
  • No separate combat screen – combat will occur directly on the same maps that you explore on
  • Turn-based RPG gameplay that takes the best elements from our past games while adding a few new ideas.
  • Enemy groups will no longer just stay in one place on maps but will patrol and chase after the player as appropriate
  • Not a parody but will still have plenty of humor
  • Players will be able to customize their own spy headquarters by recruiting more agents (think the Suikoden series)

The team is looking to put this game up on Kickstarter and the project really seems to be pushing lots of interesting ideas for both Robert and artist Bill Steirnberg. Bill opened up how he wants to keep evolving with these games. “So I have learned a number of new art and asset-making tricks in the past 4 games we’ve done at Zeboyd and I’m really excited about doing larger, more detailed sprites, and adding more detail to the game world we’re going to have in CSH. I like the look of old ‘FFVI’ style sprites but there’s so much more I can do with a little more room, but more than that. I really want these little sprites to convey more natural poses, and have expressions and emote in the game, for one.”

Currently Cosmic Star Heroines is looking at PC, Mac and PSN releases, but since it is early in development, nothing is concrete. I wasn’t a big fan of the Penny Arcade sequels, but Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu still hold a warm place for me as a pair of standout RPGs from this console generation. This company makes funny games and I can’t wait to see how they do as they open up in to the next phase of game design.

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