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Why Telltale Should Make These Games Already


Why Telltale Should Make These Games Already

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Yamilia and I are heading to E3. We’ve got an insane schedule ahead of us which means that by the end of it all we’re each going to be one or all of the following:

A: 15 pounds lighter from running and sheer exhaustion
B: Mortal enemies from being around each other all week
C: Sporting a lot of grey hair from stress

But hey, life isn’t a rehearsal so sometimes you’ve just got to go for it. We’re going to be seeing a bunch of cool stuff and meeting some amazing developers. One thing I’m really looking forward to is checking out what Telltale Games is up to. Specifically, I’m excited about checking out what’s in store for the new season of “Everybody’s favorite game ever 2013”, The Walking Dead.

Then again, who am I kidding? The Walking Dead was only my fourth favorite game of last year so whatever. What I’m REALLY looking forward to is telling these amazing developers that they should be focusing on some different properties; properties that would really benefit from Telltale’s deft touch. Check this out, and prepare to have your mind blown.



Sorry everybody, it’s never coming back. We did at least get a really excellent movie to wrap everything up, and with services like Netflix, Firefly will always exist. Because of the prohibitive cost of making a new movie, not to mention the fact that all the actors are getting older and have all moved on to new things, this show has pretty much run its course.

Unless Telltale were to do a season of it, however.

Arguably Firefly‘s greatest strength was its writing. Well, I’m not sure if you all know this but Telltale has a really strong stable of writers on staff. They’ve demonstrated that they can take Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic and make it into something unique yet absolutely fitting within that universe. The same thing goes for Tales of Monkey Island, for that matter. Bottom line: These people can write.

Now that Joss Whedon is playing Scrooge McDuck with all his Avengers money, surely he could lend his name to this kind of project and oversee the further adventures of Mal, Zoe, and of course Jayne. I’d buy it and you would too.



This show was crazysticks back in the day, and it really popularized the serial TV show with its real-time conceit and excruciatingly thrilling cliffhangers. While in latter seasons it became more conventionally shooty, 24 presented series protagonist Agent Jack Bauer, portrayed by proud Canadian (and new Snake, apparently) Kiefer Sutherland as a different kind of action hero in the first couple of seasons of this show. He was always super tough and deadly, but the best moments of 24 were always when he found himself backed into an impossible situation needing to improvise in order to buy time or escape. This kind of thing would work perfectly with the timed dialogue choice system in The Walking Dead, and could potentially be even more gripping if there is a larger clock counting down.

Action scenes, interrogations, and clue-finding are all in a day’s work for Jack Bauer. Telltale’s handling of this series could actually improve on one of the flaws of the show. In the show, Jack is pretty much always right in that his hunches pan out every time. With this game however, he could be very wrong depending on the decisions you make. Then, you have to pick up the pieces of those decisions and somehow prevail.

Telltale Games is currently the master of creating and releasing episodic content over a set period of time. Only this company could be counted on to deliver on their most ambitious project yet: 24 episodes for the season. I have no functional idea of how hard that would be to do an entire season of 24 (I can imagine it would be brutal), but if anyone could do it my money’s on Telltale.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

Like Star Trek, the biggest misconception people have about this show is that it’s about space battles and action set-pieces. Oh, Battlestar Galactica had some amazing scenes that rivaled anything you’d find on the big screen, but more than anything this show was a tough drama about the lengths humans will go to in order to live another day.

Hmm…that sounds familiar.

One of the most compelling aspects of Battlestar Galactica is how its central question shifts from ‘will humanity survive?’ to ‘should humanity survive?’ This show never shied away from showing characters carry out suicide bombings, torture, and worse…and that’s the GOOD guys. Suspicion, paranoia, and a species constantly on the brink of extinction is the universe of this show, and I’m certain Telltale would be able to craft an outstanding narrative as you try to find out the identity of undercover Cylons…all the while feeling suspicious that YOU might be one yourself.



I don’t know about you, but I did some pretty horrible things in my playthrough of The Walking Dead. It wasn’t necessarily intentional but choices needed to be made. Imagine a game in which you not only need to carry out terrible acts, but are required to do so in order to advance the story. Dexter by Telltale Games could be part revenge fantasy, part investigation game, and part thriller.

One thing this show has going for it is a strong sense of place (his lab, his apartment, his kill rooms) which could be used for a number of gameplay opportunities. For example, setting up and cleaning up a kill room could affect a suspicion meter that affects future actions and decisions that Dexter has available. It could be thrilling to experience the walls closing in, only to masterfully evade capture and go back to business as usual, as each season of the show manages to do.

The investigation piece of this game can come in two parts; finding evidence to incriminate future victims to Dexter’s ‘dark passenger’, and uncovering information leading to the season’s central climax. The best part of this is that Telltale also makes CSI games so they have experience with this kind of gameplay. Taking that kind of mechanic and applying it to the twisted moral compass of a character like Dexter could really strike a nerve. Also, this game would take place in Miami and who wouldn’t want to set a game there?

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

First of all, I do believe that a lot of people have gone into the fourth season of Arrested Development with just a little bit of unrealistic expectations. Is the new season as good as season 2? Well no it isn’t, but really what is? Seeing the actors again after all these years is a little jarring: Tobias is chubbier, GOB is skinnier, and Lindsay has a new face. The characters are still rich however, and would find a wonderful (model) home in a season overseen by Telltale.

There are many things this company does really well, but one thing they are outstanding at is being funny. Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max is proof of that. Imagine what they could do with the adventures of the Bluth family. There could be branching storylines in which you control multiple characters, or perhaps you simply control Michael as he uncovers new layers to the awfulness of his family every episode.

Still not convinced? How about this: You know that part in Tales of Monkey Island where you have to make funny faces? Imagine a similar mechanic in an Arrested Development game where you have to do this:


Game Of The Year, 2013.

Anyway, those are some titles that I think would be cool additions to Telltale’s catalogue. Is there something you think would make a great adaptation? Leave a comment and let us know.


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