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What We’re Looking Forward To From E3 2013


What We’re Looking Forward To From E3 2013


E3 2013 is almost upon us and the Twinfinite office is ready for the deluge of news that will be coming from the City of Angels. Next-gen consoles, new IPs, and sequels in successful franchises will all have detailed reveals and we’ll be here/there/everywhere covering it all. Needless to say, we’re all very excited and calling dibs on the news we want to cover. Here are the announcements we are most looking forward to.


As far as I know, there is still room for contest with the supposed abundance of Xbox One console exclusives under wraps. Many are instantly dismissing the console for all of its television functions, the always-online thing, and more, but I don’t think that’s really fair. A new Banjo Kazooie platformer-adventure game might be just what the Xbox One needs to thaw the hearts of the many in the now irate, perplex, and terrified gaming population. Sure, it does all these other television things, but if you’re a gamer and it plays games, why should you care? So far, I am personally not impressed with the very few exclusives revealed thus far, but I am anxious to see if they have any surprises in store.

While that’s all fine and dandy, however, before Microsoft reels in any gamers with the prospect of games they would love to play, they’ve got some ‘splaining to do. With rumors of the Xbox One spying on you and secondhand game fees, the only thing that would probably ease the tension between the company and its intended consumers would probably be a hefty dose of legal documentation refuting the fun little accusations in circulation. Otherwise, Microsoft and the Xbox One will likely keep its current unsightly reputation, guaranteeing them last place in the next generation console race. I am sincerely hoping they can clear the air at E3, or just very soon, for the sake of a robust next generation of gaming ahead of us. “So you say it won’t Skynet on me? Get that on paper, Microsoft.”


This year’s E3 will be a huge one, no doubt. Both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One are slated for release this year, and not knowing too much about each, this is going to be our platform for finally learning about what they have to offer.

What I’m most looking forward to? I just want to see Microsoft announce a game or two. You may remember their recent conference regarding mostly TV, and I think a new console, but games were fairly absent. I know that their third-party support is always great, but this year’s E3 will show how it distinguishes itself from the Playstation – exclusives. So Microsoft, best of luck to you. You’ve had it hard the last few weeks, so I hope you can impress the “core” crowd. I don’t know if many still believe in them, but I do.


Oh my goodness, where do I begin?

I’m looking forward to finally meeting Yamilia face-to-face and working with one of the most inspiring people I know. I’m looking forward to actually meeting and hanging out with friends from this industry that I’ve gained over the last year or so. I’m looking forward to hitting the show floor and getting a sneak peek at the newest games and technology, especially this year with all the new consoles officially announced. I’m looking forward to writing until my fingers bleed, and then writing some more.

Most of all though, I’m looking forward to getting out there and showing this entire industry why Twinfinite is the most hardworking, creative, and kick-ass site out there.

Oh, and I really want to get a hands-on with the new Splinter Cell game. LOVE that series.

Yamilia Red

I’m looking forward to all the exhaustion and weight loss that I’ll endure in the name of Twinfinite coverage. For you, Twinfiknights, bastards, I’ll be leading a two-person team through the most hellish convention for game industry press. Wish me luck.

Besides that, though, I’m really interested in a look at The Wolf Among Us and Saints Row IV. Both being my most anticipated games for this year, I really want to see more about what they’re going to offer. Especially with The Wolf Among Us, since TellTale wants to keep all hush hush about it.

We also have in line an interview with Sony for the Playstation 4, so that should be really awesome. I’m also excited for our Xbox One interview, oh wait, no, they canceled that.


Honestly, I’m most interested in Microsoft’s kick off presser to E3. Microsoft is getting pounded by negative press surrounding the systems always online restrictions and odd set up. Microsoft is insanely formulaic with their press conferences and I really want to see if they can shake the negative perception, or if Sony is going to get another bump in stock prices again. 

Last month’s reveal was a tease. Microsoft now has to convince everyone that Xbox One is the console of the future. Microsoft has been criticized by their recent approach with indies, they’ve been criticized by their lack of recent exclusive content, and now that they have been named first in the NSA scandal, their always on Kinect takes a whole new layer of issues. This is the debut ball for the Xbox One. With Sony sitting back waiting to see fan reaction to the conference, Microsoft needs to come out with guns blazing and its going to be a lot of fun to see what’s going to go on at 9:30 AM PST.

Keith Red

As always, what I’m looking forward to most are the press conferences. Usually, the most excited things at the convention are announced at the private press conferences (in particular, the Sony and Microsoft press conferences will hopefully be excellent). Also, I’m looking forward to seeing some footage of our team going hands-on with the next-gen consoles


I’ve learned never to have specific wishes for E3. I stopped wanting a new title in a particular series or anything else of that sort. Instead I generalize my wants so that my expectations are tapered. For this year I think it’ll be a safe bet to just assume there will be new games in systems that don’t have games. I’m talking some more stuff for my Vita, maybe a few more titles to make me consider a WiiU purchase, and Xbox One and PS4 bringing software to their launch parties.
I’m fairly excited for some greater explanations on hardware details as well for the first time in years. Namely, Vita/PS4 connectivity, the game aspects of the Xbox One (Dohoho I’m still kicking that dead horse) and more WiiU shenanigans because frankly I still have no idea what that machine does.

Oh and please don’t outdate my 3DS. That’d be a bummer.


I’m most looking forward to seeing what Nintendo has in store. While Sony and Microsoft are going to be battling it out with their big shiny press conferences, Nintendo is off in the corner doing what it does best; making good games.

It’s fair to say that the Wii U, up until this point, has had an underwhelming amount of notable releases. E3 is Nintendo’s chance to really get the core gamer audience, as well as the general public, excited for what’s to come.


Fable IV. That is all.


So what news from E3 2013 are you all most looking forward to ? Console news? New IPs? Sequels in successful series? Let us know in the comments!

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