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Video Game Industry DRAMA – Fashion Tips That Suck


Video Game Industry DRAMA – Fashion Tips That Suck

Aw yeah, look at that harsh lighting and general stupidity while filming. Must be time for another Yami rant. For those following me on Twitter, you know exactly just how much I love to make fun of the drama that frequently engulfs the video game community. Finally, this week, something happened again and I just had to grab some popcorn and talk about it with you all. Forbes wrote a few fashion tips for women going to E3. I know, it sounds like the premise to an article I would totally write. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for some damn drama to happen again so I could start this video series. Watch my thoughts on the terrible fashion tips in the video above.

*Note: They changed up the article since I shot this and you won’t be able to see the other ridiculous outfit they suggested (and maybe some of the ridiculous things that were said). Good, that one should burn into oblivion. “Someone called the fashion police,” amirite?!

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