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Udon Entertainment to Localize Dark Souls: Design Works


Udon Entertainment to Localize Dark Souls: Design Works


The last time I was in Japan I tried tried tracking down a copy of Dark Souls: Design Works. I was unsuccessful in navigating my way through Osaka’s bookshelves but perhaps it was actually a blessing I failed.

Today, Udon Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing over and localizing Dark Souls: Design Works.

With images and concepts from the development of one of the most beautiful games currently out there, this is a real treasure. I’m sure it must be astounding to get into the artistic process of such a detailed world. Everything from character art to locales in color, I can’t imagine any fan of the series to pass this up. I’m already salivating to get my hands on this.

Udon has previews of the book on their official page and the pre-order is already up. Be sure to check out both!

Visit Udon’s page for more details.

Pre-Order on Amazon.

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