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Thief Sneaks to Current Gen Consoles


Thief Sneaks to Current Gen Consoles


While the rest of the gaming community has been foaming at the mouth over new releases, gamers not planning on getting a PS4 or Xbox One may have been feeling left out. Eidos understands that not all gamers are diving right into the next gen and has announced today that Thief (previously titled Thi4f) will be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Thief was originally announced back in April for next-gen platforms and PC and was shown off last week at E3.

There are obviously some powerful differences between this generation and the next, but the team working on Thief says that the core gameplay experience won’t suffer on current gen machines. Thief‘s release date is still listed as a vague ‘2014’, but Eidos confirmed that the game will be launching on all 5 platforms simultaneously, whenever that may be.

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