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Jack of Blades is back for a Fable HD Remake


Jack of Blades is back for a Fable HD Remake

I’ve been told for years that the first Fable is the best of the series, but I always had a tough time getting past the distinctive ‘Xbox Classic’ feel of the game. I’ll finally be out of excuses this holiday season when HD remake Fable Anniversary releases on the Xbox 360. In a teaser trailer earlier today, Lionhead Studios all but announced the HD remake. Details surfaced not long after on what sounds to be a pretty exciting revival. Gamers can look forward to updated graphics with a 1080p HD resolution, quick loading times, an all-new interface, Acheivements, Xbox SmartGlass support, and — my personal favorite — a leaderboard for chicken-kicking records. 

Lead Designer Ted Timmins said the Lionhead team set out to make a game both true to the original Fable and one that enhances the core gameplay experience. Achievements are said to compliment the ‘choice and consequence’  theme of the game. After years of trying to force myself to play through the Xbox Classic release of Fable, this HD remake might be the push I and fellow Fable 2/Fable 3 fans need to go back to the series roots. If anything, the image below shows that the remake is going to look pretty damn good.

Fable HD

Fable Anniversary is set for release this holiday season on the Xbox 360. The game will also include the Fable: The Lost Chapters expansion pack.

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