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Microsoft No Longer Charging Xbox Developers for Patching


Microsoft No Longer Charging Xbox Developers for Patching


The Xbox 360 has notoriously been known throughout the gaming industry as one of the least developer-friendly platforms. A tedious certification process coupled with a multitude of different costs has often pushed developers away from wanting to create Xbox Live Arcade games.

Earlier this year, Microsoft implemented a change that would allow developers to patch their games free-of-charge. Though this was unannounced by Microsoft itself at the time, several developers recently spoke about the change and Microsoft’s own Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb confirmed the change on Twitter today.

Major Nelson
This is great news for developers and players alike. Without the fee, developers will be more inclined to patch their games more frequently, meaning bug fixes and the like will be going live much faster. Considering the state of the console war, this was a good move for Microsoft. Sony’s claims of being developer-friendly and Steam’s open platform made Xbox look like the bully on the playground. In any case, the bully has been reformed — bring on the updates!

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