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Harmonix Announces Fantasia: Music Evolved


Harmonix Announces Fantasia: Music Evolved

…Or as I like to call it “Hipsters Waving Around”.

I’m kidding for the most part as I find Harmonix one of the most creative developers currently making games (Rock Band Blitz is one of my most played titles of last year). Still, it’s undeniable that the announcement trailer was silly as hell.

Fantasia: Music Evolved is a new rhythm game developed by Harmonix and published by Disney Interactive based on the classic Disney film, Fantasia.

You take the role of the Fantasia wizard Yen Sid’s apprentice as you play god and bring life to the world via musical magic.

This Xbox Kinect exclusive utilizes motion to control beats and tempo rather than asking you to imitate movement. Initial tracks of classic pop songs is remixed through these motions though details are still a bit scarce.

Aside from the premise, I’m still a little confused as to the Disney connection. Also, the player freedom seems more lenient in terms of mechanic, but if there’s a game involving music from Harmonix is coming out, I’m always game for a good bit of fun.

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