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Hands-On Impressions of Nintendo


Hands-On Impressions of Nintendo


Today, Andy and I were invited by Nintendo to get our hands-on impressions of the latest they have to offer. Personally, I think that they are so lifelike, it’s spooky. Like, there is a new level of reality that I think Nintendo achieved. They even spoke to us and helped us through some games; the AI is incredible. I thought it was kind of odd the amount of marketing behind the great new titles the Wii U and 3DS will have when really what blew us away was how lifelike the PR was. You could really see the emotions in their faces, it was a blast. I mean, like I said, you still have that uncanny valley feeling when looking at them. Like, “Ah! Is this real?” All in all, though, I’d say our hands-on impressions of them was a positive experience.

(Stay tuned for our actual hands-on impressions of this year’s upcoming Nintendo releases.)


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