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Glasswing Studios Opens Insection Beta Sign-Up


Glasswing Studios Opens Insection Beta Sign-Up

You're in the wrong neighborhood...

You’re in the wrong neighborhood…

There’s nothing quite like mowing down hordes of aliens with your pals, is there? In keeping with this idea, Glasswing Studios is hoping to create a first-person multiplayer experience with their up-and-coming game, Insection.

Insection follows a crew of four military veterans trying to find their way in the new world after a Final World War effectively spread mankind across the universe. These heroes begin their journey on the planet of New Earth, where they are summoned by OMNIA industries to aid in a struggle against an alien species that is bent on terrorizing the galaxy.


One of Insection’s main goals is to give players the opportunity to fight the alien scourge alongside their friends. With four-player co-op and what Glasswing promises to be a classic sci-fi story, Insection is sure to interest those of us with a liking for preserving humanity in all corners of the galaxy.

Insection is currently in Pre-Alpha stages and will be hitting Steam Greenlight in the coming weeks. If you’d like to  sign up for beta testing, you can do so here.

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