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E3 – The Wonderful 101 Multiplayer Looks…Well, Wonderful


E3 – The Wonderful 101 Multiplayer Looks…Well, Wonderful


The Wonderful 101 was announced way before the WiiU hit shelves and was originally planned as a launch title. Obviously it didn’t make the cut, but today’s Nintendo Direct showed us just what we’re waiting for. Today’s footage showcased both the combat of The Wonderful 101 and the newly announced multiplayer mode. Different multiplayer stages were shown, but by the looks of things the mode is pretty straightforward. Up to five players can play at once and each player controls his or her own team of heroes and will all fight together against foes.

We’ve come to expect certain things from Nintendo conferences, most (if not all) of which are just updates to existing IPs. This year’s E3 Nintendo Direct delivered on that note, bringing us more Smash Bros, a new Mario, and details on that Wind Waker HD remake everyone’s been drooling over. But what about something new? The Wonderful 101 may be that breath of fresh air the WiiU has needed. Look for it on the WiiU September 15, 2013.

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