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E3 – The Evil Within: Hands-Off Preview


E3 – The Evil Within: Hands-Off Preview

Evil Within

Legendary video game developer Shinji Mikami has gone back to the genre that put him on the map in the first place. The Evil Within is his first horror game since the landmark Resident Evil 4, and we got to watch a demo of it at E3.

In introducing this game, Mikami said that he wanted to get back to the original roots of the Survival Horror genre and provide a truly scary experience. The story of The Evil Within goes that you play as a detective who is called to the scene of an abandoned asylum. As you arrive, you are met by nothing but about a dozen abandoned police cars. As you step inside to investigate, you see dead bodies everywhere…well, except for the one that knocks you out and captures you. The first part of the gameplay demo has you escaping from captivity and trying to get away from a guy with a chainsaw. The combination of the grubby and dark atmosphere, excellent sound design, and accurate character animations made this an incredibly memorable sequence.

From here, the demo switched over to a section which showed off The Evil Within‘s combat. There weren’t really any surprises here; over-the-shoulder shooting in which enemies (Zombies? Cultists? This part was never really made clear) come at you. As with Resident Evil 4, they react depending on where you shoot them so aiming at the knees looks to be a good option. While there appears to be plenty of ammunition and equipment spread around the asylum, enemies don’t look like they go down to easy so perhaps running might be a viable option at times. The demo concluded with what appears to be the sudden beginning (or end as the case may be) of a boss fight, and a quick fade to black.

The Evil Within is scheduled to come out sometime in 2014 on PS3/4, XBox 360/One, and of course PC. Based on what was shown, this game may well represent a nice return to form for Shinji Mikami as well as a statement that it is still possible to pull off survival horror in a AAA game.


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