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E3 – Swery65’s D4 Announced as Xbox One Exclusive


E3 – Swery65’s D4 Announced as Xbox One Exclusive

Fans of the masterpiece Deadly Premonition (one of the best games ever made, in my opinion) know exactly who Swery65 is. Hidetaka Suehiro is, simply put, both a creative genius and a madman.

His latest title, D4, is slated to be an Xbox One exclusive. An “episodic murder mystery,” D4 features beautiful cel-shaded graphics and a unique, combo-based combat system. And, knowing Swery65it’s gonna be weird. I’m talking David Lynch weird. Like Lynch, Swery65 knows how to hit that sweet-spot of silly, frighteningly bizarre, and emotionally haunting. Check out the trailer above! I, for one, can’t wait to get inside his brain again.


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