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E3 – Sony Reveals PS4 Exclusive: The Order 1886


E3 – Sony Reveals PS4 Exclusive: The Order 1886

Dude... Werewolves...

Dude… Werewolves…

After having a slow start chock full of TV and movie information, Sony headed up their game announcements with a new exclusive from their Santa Monica studio (behind God of War), The Order 1886.

The trailer shown at the conference was rendered using the in-game engine, and the graphics looked sharp. The steampunk-y feel of the game was felt throughout the footage and the protagonists wielded weapons ranging from regular handguns to some kind of shock-blaster. Towards the end, it was revealed that the enemy they were facing throughout the trailer was a pack of werewolves. It seemed to be set in a rainy, nighttime London.


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