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E3 – Sony Press Conference Impressions


E3 – Sony Press Conference Impressions

Now entering Twerkville, population: Sony. They brought down the house as they announced a variety of surprises. Seriously, who else is still on that Kingdom Hearts 3 tip? They saw Microsoft’s conference and said, “That’s nice.” Boom! No always-online. Boom! Used games allowed. Do you like BOOM, Final Fantasy Versus got murdered and then resurrected into Final Fantasy XIV. I was impressed with Sony’s conference the most because there was a huge bullet for gamers that got dodged. Sony could have followed Microsoft and decide to implement the same features that had us all in uproar, but they didn’t. Because it’s all about the games, baby. Well… Except for that, paying for multiplayer, thing… Tha-That’s… That’s definitely about the money.

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