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E3 – Sony Confirms Used Gaming and No Always-Online DRM


E3 – Sony Confirms Used Gaming and No Always-Online DRM



Finally, Sony confirms used gaming and no always-online DRM! In the E3 press conference today, Sony reps took a not-so-subtle shot at their competitors at Microsoft by stating that they will not restrict used gaming, and will not require an internet connection for their games. This will certainly appeal to a number of parties:

1) The very vocal Internet community that came out against Microsoft’s new policies,

2) Game retailers like Amazon and Gamestop that benefit from used game sales, and

3) The very large used game market, including our own Brett McLeod, who hasn’t bought a new console game in years.

I personally find this good for the community. The diversity between the consoles will ultimately show what gamers really care about, and it’s good to have consoles differentiating themselves through hardware, features, and policy, rather than only through exclusivity of games. It’ll be interesting to see how much the Internet vitriol is actually worth in terms of sales.

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