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E3 – Showfloor Limpthrough


E3 – Showfloor Limpthrough

It’s no secret that this E3 was particularly hard on us. We only had two on-site correspondents and one of them (me) sprained their ankle on day 0 of the trip. Naturally, I had to limp to every conference, appointment, and meeting room to get shit done. Nothing got done. Originally, this video was going to be a dance through the showfloor. I was going to bust my moves at the most popular E3 locations, but then I decided to tweak it a bit so it’d fit our new situation a little better.

Owner for the site and one of Twinfinite Video's personalities. Yami founded Twinfinite when she was bored one day. She has since become very not bored. Has played video games for over 25 years. Favorites include The Sims, XCOM, Tropico, and any and all tycoon games.

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