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E3 – Ryse Gameplay Detailed


E3 – Ryse Gameplay Detailed


This guy has no idea…

Microsoft’s press conference hit a high note earlier today with their showing of the Xbox One exclusive Ryse gameplay. The main character, Marius Titus is a Roman General seeking power for a fallen Rome.

The gameplay looked fluid and the visuals were stunning. The combat system is based on a series of timed button presses, and there is plenty of gore for those gamers who love seeing their enemies beheaded in full-HD. There are also different mechanics simulating what we know to be typical gladiator combat, such as grouping up against hails of flaming arrows. As an exclusive, Ryse looks pretty promising. If anything, it’ll definitely make you want to watch Gladiator or 300.

Ryse will be available at launch for the Xbox One.

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