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E3 – An Unnecessary Amount of Pictures From the Conferences


E3 – An Unnecessary Amount of Pictures From the Conferences

While we only managed to make it to Microsoft and EA, the general consensus is that showing up to these conferences is really only good the first time for the experience of it all. Hours of wait, being herded like sheep, and it’s all to just see what people at home see far better in the comfort of their office chair isn’t really a good deal to duplicate more than once. I took some wonderful photos that are really just rehashed and a much lower quality than if you simply watched one of the official streams. Isn’t journalism fun? What was my personal favorite conference? Sony’s, but you’ll hear about that from our impressions videos. Also, you didn’t actually ask that. I’m just at a loss for what to write here and have succumb to sleep deprivation. You’ll see more of that later, though…

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