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E3 – ‘Mirror’s Edge 2’ Officially Announced


E3 – ‘Mirror’s Edge 2’ Officially Announced

Is there a god? There’s no time for real philosophical speculation now, but the question’s been given new urgency within the last twenty minutes. Finally, after five long years, Mirror’s Edge 2 is confirmed.  As in, not just an accidental listing on Amazon (or two), not an odd half-statement from the uncle’s brother on an ex-EA employee, but an actual trailer at an actual conference. In between my floods of tears and uncontrollable shaking I was able to make out a couple of changes, and thankfully plenty of returning features.

Examples of the former include a whole new look in terms of enemies (though they bear some likeness to the ‘Runner Cops’ towards the end of the first game), a more futuristic and developed take on the City (see screenshot below), and an incredibly smooth look to the rendering due to DICE’s new Frostbite 3 engine. Fortunately, we can see a return of the clean white’n’red art style, a focus on distinct first-person unarmed action and the same Faith that we – or maybe just I – know and love.


There are billions of speculations that I could begin to make right now, but now is the time for calming down and breathing. Expect any other nuggets of Mirror’s Edge 2 news to be vigorously typed up by me as they come.

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