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E3 – Killer is Dead Hands-On Preview


E3 – Killer is Dead Hands-On Preview

Killer is Dead

Me: “But Yami, I hate Suda 51 games!”
Yami: “Too bad. His games are popular with our readers and we need to cover that stuff.”
Me: “Okay, fine. Fine.”

That’s pretty much how the discussion went prior to me approaching a PS3 at the Xseed Games booth and trying out Suda 51’s upcoming Killer is Dead. The woman there got me set up and provided me with some helpful information about the basic mechanics, and away I went. In some ways, I saw what I expected in that it has a heavily anime-influenced style and a slightly demented world-view. What I wasn’t expecting was that by the end of the demo I was having a lot of fun.

The level I played involved you assaulting an office tower for the purpose of assassinating a priority target. At its core, this is basically a third-person brawler like Devil May Cry but with button mashing as an acceptable combat strategy. Along with sword and dodge attacks, you can also use secondary measures such as bullets, an ice beam, a giant drill, or a laser to help clear out enemies. The controls were intuitive and provided a seamless gameplay experience to compliment the style on display; something Suda 51’s games tend not to do well.

While the combat isn’t terribly varied (laser for the win), there are enough different kinds of enemies and clever animations on display to keep you interested. If you’re already a fan of Suda, then you’re not interested in what I have to say because you’ve already pre-ordered this game. If you’re on the fence or not a fan of his previous work, this might be one to check out.

Killer is Dead is scheduled for release August 27, 2013 on PS3 and XBox 360.


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