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E3 – Dragon’s Prophet Hands-On Preview


E3 – Dragon’s Prophet Hands-On Preview

Dragon's Prophet

While we would have loved to have a sneak peek at the PS4 in action (and I’m pretty sure Yami would have cut someone for the chance), we did manage to have a look at one part of the Sony empire. We spent some time with staff from Sony Online Entertainment and they showed us an MMO that they are going to be releasing shortly; Dragon’s Prophet.

This game is being developed by Taiwan based Runewalker Entertainment. This is an action MMORPG which has some differences from most games of its type. This one is DPS-focused, which means that attacks are not automatic and are dependent on the skill of the player rather than character level. Balancing this potentially game-breaking feature is the addition of dragon companions. Different dragons have different skills, and they can be customized and traded in and out of the game as you see fit. Another difference is that this game doesn’t use a traditional skill tree system. Instead, a series of abilities appear based on your in-game points and can be learned in any order. Finally, it has an in-game social system in which your friendships can yield you experience points even if you aren’t playing.

I’ll be honest; I’m not the biggest fan of MMOs, but Dragon’s Prophet has definitely captured my interest. Its active battles, fully 3D explorable environments, and dragon companions that you can ride around on… DID I NOT MENTION THAT YOU CAN RIDE DRAGONS IN THIS GAME? All of that, plus a learning curve that is designed to help newcomers to the genre, makes for a game that might be worth checking out.

Dragon’s Prophet is free-to-play and will be released on PC in late summer 2013. You can also join their open beta here.


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