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E3 – Day 3 Diary: Hitting a Stride


E3 – Day 3 Diary: Hitting a Stride


Today was the first day at E3 when I felt like I marginally had some idea about what I was doing. I enjoyed covering all the games I saw and talked with some really interesting people, which is what it’s all about for me.


I slept a little later than I wanted, but it wasn’t a big deal today. Today’s pace will be nothing like yesterday’s, which was completely ridiculous. Today will be better, Yami tells me.

(I think Yami is trying to kill me).


We arrive at the convention center and go straight to the media room. I spend an hour and a half writing like a madman to get caught up on previews and this diary, but manage to get myself a muffin and some coffee. I’m feeling more like a professional games journalist each day.


Time to meet up with Telltale Games and have a look at new Walking Dead content. The people who work there are so unassuming and friendly; I’ll bet Telltale is a great place to work.

11:00 AM

“What’s that, Yami? I have … free time?” *runs to nearest computer and feverishly writes.



My visit to IndieCade is easily the most memorable stop for me of everything I’ve seen to date. This booth had games that literally made me cry, laugh out loud, and think. Anyone who says that only cutting edge technology and graphics can create ’emotional experiences’ is a moron.


Catching some rays from the shining sun that is Yami, I meet some notable industry people. Niero and Hamza from Destructoid are introduced and they seem like really nice guys. Upon reflection, I’m pretty sure they were confused about why Yami brought her uncle to E3.


Day 3 is finished, which means Night 3 is just beginning. Time to head to the Saints Row IV party.


I realize at this point that I haven’t eaten anything since around noon and am dying of hunger and exhaustion. Thankfully, this party will be over soon…


…But I get pulled along by Yami to the Wargaming party at another club to see a DJ named Zedd. Apparently he’s a super big deal, and I’ll admit he is a great DJ considering he’s only 11 years old.


Back to the hotel and I am starving. I find a 24 hour Subway, inhale a meatball sub, and crash back in my room.

Duckface Says Shhh

The Best Thing About Day 3:

IndieCade. Hands down. I’m going back there tomorrow for sure.

The Worst Thing About Day 3:

I won’t name names, but trying to write in the media room while other press are having a loud, expletive-filled conversation about the party they were at last night is a little frustrating to say the least. Look; I don’t mean to be Mr. Buzzkill, but the media room is a space to work. Take that stuff outside.

What I Learned About E3 on Day 3:

1. Indie booths are where it’s at. There are no lines, you get to meet the developers themselves who are the most amazingly fascinating people, and the purity of creativity on display here really washes away the feeling of being dehumanized during the first couple of days.

2. The food court at the convention center is not that bad, and I’m not sure what all the complaining by other outlets was all about. Maybe they had the sushi, in which case it’s really their fault for making such a poor decision.

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