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E3 – Day 2 Diary: So It Begins


E3 – Day 2 Diary: So It Begins


Dear Diary,

Well, I survived the press conferences and came away from them feeling slightly abused. I realize that the tone of this and other dispatches are coming across as kind of negative. It’s something I desperately hope to avoid because this is an experience I’ll likely never have again, and also because I don’t want to be one of those people who just complains about being one of the select few who get to attend these things.

Anyway, back to complaining.


Oops. Looks like I slept in a bit; I was hoping to get up at around 6 and get some writing done. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t go to bed until 3AM.


Yami is about 78% ready to kill me because I’m not quite done my article yet. She’s trying to get all the video content edited and uploaded and we only have one computer between us.


My article is quickly finished up and submitted, and then it’s off to the diner next door to pick up some breakfast while Yami battles with the hotel wi-fi. Once I return, I start prepping questions for interviews and realize I have no idea what to ask anyone.


We arrive at the convention center, and it is packed. The doors to the exhibits open at noon so lots of people are waiting in line to be first to get in. This leads to a daily lesson (below).

Show Floor


The doors open and the  E3 press conference PTSD kicks in again. Slowly, we make our way to Bethesda. We are led into a small, soundproof room where we get to see The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, and The Elder Scrolls Online. I’m in the front row and Shinji Mikami is standing literally right in front of me. He is absolutely tiny.


Now it’s time to try out a couple of these Bethesda games. The two I play are pretty fun. We managed to get an interview with a narrative designer from MachineGames. I ask him some questions about Wolfenstein and hope my smiling face covers up the fact that I’m kind of freaking out on the inside. To his credit, he is a super nice young man. One perk of this appointment was getting a free T-shirt. All aboard the Swag Train!


Our next appointment is at City Interactive. They’re showing off Lords of the Fallen, which is an upcoming next-gen action RPG. The game itself looks all right, but what I’m really enjoying is the chance to sit in a comfortable chair away from the constant noise and activity of the show floor. This meeting runs a little long, so unfortunately don’t have time to see Alien Rage, which I’m tempted to award with one of our ‘Drool’ awards just on the basis of its title alone.

Alas, it’s time to get back to the crazy and see what Square Enix has going on.


We get into the Square Enix booth to have a look at Thief. As a stealth fan, I’m really pumped about this one despite the fact that I’m also getting incredibly tired and hungry. Yami and I are sitting up at the front row of the room and need to wear headphones because that’s the only way to hear what the developer is saying. Thief looks absolutely amazing and thank goodness it kept my attention because it helped me get my second wind. A couple of times when it started I almost fell off the bench from drifting off to sleep.


Time to around the corner in the Squeenix compound to have a look at Final Fantasy XIV: The Not Shitty Edition. We are treated to a quick description of what it’s about and sent out to the floor to try and take down Ifrit as a team. I had fun with it, but I”m not sure that actually had anything to do with the game itself.


I wait in line for Starbucks and get some food and caffeine into me before I drop. Only one more place to go…


We get to Konami and receive a guided tour of all the games they have going on. The guide pretty much admits he knows nothing about video games, which actually makes me like him even more. I wait in line to play the new Castlevania game but am told when I reach the front that they’re closing down for the day. Right-o, no preview coverage for you then.


Yami’s back at the media room. As I make my way back, I catch out of the corner of my eye a bunch of arcade cabinets. I play a couple of games of Donkey Kong Jr. and nearly start crying from sheer nostalgia of my lost childhood. This is a beautiful way to end my day.


We leave the centre and meet up with some of Yami’s friends for dinner. A lovely time is had by all, but it’s time to get back to the hotel and piece together the day’s events.

The Best Thing About Day 2:

Seeing those arcade cabinets really made my day. After being bombarded over these 48 hours with flashy quick-cuts and loud noise, it  was theraputic to go back to the simplicity of the arcade.

The Worst Thing About Day 2:

Almost falling asleep during the Thief demo. I really hope the developer didn’t notice or think I wasn’t interested, because it might be the best game I’ve seen so far here at E3.

What I Learned About E3 on Day 2:

1. Don’t bother lining up. There is so much to see and play that unless there is one game you REALLY want to play, it’s never worth it.

2. Just because someone is there to tell you about a game doesn’t mean they know anything about video games in general.

3. Sit down. There’s no point standing in line to wait for the show floor to open, so have a seat and stroll in once the inital rush ends.

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