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Anodyne Creator Sean Hogan Announces Even the Ocean


Anodyne Creator Sean Hogan Announces Even the Ocean

Level design

I was the one tasked to review Anodyne last year and to be honest, the game really impressed me. Games coming from students tend to have issues, but this little game seemed to hit all the right notes. It then went on to get greenlit through Steam and received an iOS version as well. It could be considered an indie success story.

Anodyne‘s programming and musical talent Sean Hogan recently went on TIGsource to reveal his concept for Even the Ocean. Drawing upon Knytt, Metroid and even Mega Man X in level design, the world he is planning is huge. Just look at the concept map below:

Level Size

With a focus on mostly non-violent exploratory platforming, the game really could turn in to something interesting. Conceptually the game seems to draw a lot off of Knytt, and I’m curious how the energy system will work together.

“In Even the Ocean, the balancing of two energy types replaces a health bar for the exploration of  Aliph’s world – where Aliph is armed with nothing but a shield, whereas Even’s gameplay is more explicit-narrative-driven, and confined to areas around her home,” Sean posted

It will be interesting to see how this game will progress and how it will stack up to Anodyne. They both share  a common bond with the dream world scenarios and if Anodyne had anything, it was a really great feel with the oddities that inhabited the world. Here is the Even the Ocean’s story pitch:

“You are Aliph, a member of a repair team, balancing your internal energies and maintaining your town’s power sources, located in natural and constructed structures throughout the world – canyons, excavated caves, etc. Aliph’s world is located within the reoccurring dream of Even, a woman whose life will be followed for a short period of time, in conjunction with Aliph’s adventure.”


Here are some more screenshots that Sean has posted via Tigsource. Please note these are obviously work in progress.


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