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E3 – Aksys Games is Co-Developing a Game


E3 – Aksys Games is Co-Developing a Game

Magnus Aksys

Look who is breaking out in to something new. Little is currently known about Magus. No real trailer, no screenshots, only a bullet point put out by Aksys. This being their first game though, they are making us wait until later for the official trailer. What we do know so far is that Aksys Games and Black Tower are combining their abilities and producing an Action RPG built on Unreal Engine 3. The story and bullet points from Aksys are as follows:

In a world of fire and water, an unfathomable power waits. Magus has been imprisoned in a tower in the Waterfall Kingdom and tortured for years. His crime is unknown; his history is a mystery. He remains locked up, powerless, until a new prisoner named Kinna arrives and she aids him in his escape. So begins their journey to discover Magus’s true abilities—chroma magic, his innate talent to absorb power from the colors green, red, and purple in the surrounding environment to unleash deadly attacks.  Along the way they must face the wrath of the Waterfall Kingdom and battle them to uncover Magus’s ultimate purpose.  Why has this mysterious woman decided to help him? And why now, after all this time?

Key Features

An Epic Quest for Power – Travel to dangerous lands and battle the forces that prevent you from become the god you were meant to be.

Unleash Blistering Attacks – The world possesses red, green, and purple magic. Absorb these colors to unleash powerful magical attacks. Everything from devastating tornados to shapeshifting—Magus’s abilities are sure to please any fantasy fan.

Evolve and Become Unstoppable – Choose between throwing fireballs or manipulating gravity—or both!  Hone in on one type of magic to become the master of it or learn them all, and let no one stand in your way.

See the First Look Trailer at E3 2013 – E3 will feature the first sneak peek at this new game co-developed by Aksys Games and Black Tower!

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