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3DS Update – Because We Needed New Streetpass Games


3DS Update – Because We Needed New Streetpass Games


I’m not going to lie. I love my 3DS. It took a while for it to hit its stride, but it finally has, and with a bang. Coming soon is a new update that adds some variety to the Streetpass function, which I found is a lot more useful than I had first envisioned. Along with the update includes:

  • Mii character expression changes when meeting another Mii via Streetpass
  • Streetpass Squad – a scrolling space shooter
  • Streetpass Garden – a gardening game where you cross-pollinate your flowers with those of people you meet through Streetpass
  • Streetpass Battle – Collect troops and take over the world
  • Streetpass Mansion – build and explore your mansion while collecting others’ rooms via Streetpass
  • Most 3DS and Virtual Console titles can now be backed up and restored

While it isn’t a huge deal for the new update, it is certainly welcome and I’m not going to lie; I’ll probably be playing a lot of Battle and Mansion. As of the time of writing this, I haven’t found an update, but expect one in the coming days.

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