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Twinfinite’s Summer Giveaway!


Twinfinite’s Summer Giveaway!

twinfinite giveaway

Greetings wonderful Twinfiknights! Like a lot of the staff, my summer vacation has officially started and hot damn am I pumped. No more stressing over finals, papers, or staring at words like “occasion” or “conscientious” at 5 in the morning convinced that they’re spelled wrong. They’re not. I’m going to enjoy using my new-found freedom to go back and tackle my insane backlog and taking a second look at games I had fun with but haven’t touched in a while. One game that I’m definitely going back to is Awesomenauts, the 80s cartoon-y MOBA from Ronimo Games. I reviewed it when it first came out and loved it. We’ll be streaming Awesomenauts on our Twitch page this Saturday at 3:30pm EST and you should join us! We want to hear what you guys are planning to do to enjoy this wonderful time of the year (Christmas can go kick a can). Leave a comment, or better yet, come join us on the stream. The best plans will win a free Steam copy of the game! How do you say no to a free game? That has a Soviet space monkey?? That has a jetpack and drops mines on people???

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