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The Next Xbox is the Xbox One


The Next Xbox is the Xbox One


Microsoft revealed today their new fully functioning all in one Xbox console dubbed the Xbox One. This new console finally brings together Microsoft’s plan to integrate their cable like subscription service in to an actual cable box. For those looking for the luxury of intelligent TV, Microsoft seems to have it solved.

Finally we are seeing a push for integration through Microsoft’s partners and their software. Phone integration, Comcast integration and gaming will come together in a Bluray driven console. The Xbox One operates off of 3 connected operating systems to switch channels through voice activation and motion through an upgraded Kinect Sensor. Since they nerfed the original sensor for launch, this looks to be what we wanted from the Kinect without all the lag in motion. With integration through cloud servers, Xbox Live has fully transformed in to a multimedia powerhouse, barring everything works okay.

The new Xbox is now a super cable box that plays games. We’ll have more news throughout the day of the Xbox One so stay tuned.

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