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The Humble Indie Bundle Gets Double Fine


The Humble Indie Bundle Gets Double Fine

The very popular gaming package for charity, The Humble Bundle, is the gift that keeps giving. This month’s selection only further proves that with a lineup featuring games from Double Fine. It works like the previous ones in that you select an amount you’d like to pay and breaking the average gets you one or more bonus items. You can  then allocate your payment to charity, the developer, or Humble Bundle, INC which runs the promotion each month. The titles up for donations of any denomination are PsychonautsStacking, and Costume Quest, while beating the average will net you Brutal Legend. Now, here is the interesting part; If you’re feeling really generous (and logical) $35 will score you their upcoming point-and-click adventure game Broken Age, which is the result of a successful Kickstarter back in February 2012, and a documentary by 2-Player Productions. And lastly, $70 gets you everything previously listed and a limited edition t-shirt essentially describing this particular Kickstarter. If my words haven’t sold you yet then let Tim Schafer tell you with the above trailer.

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