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“Spiritual Successor” to Eternal Darkness Announced


“Spiritual Successor” to Eternal Darkness Announced

Fans of Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (2002), the critically acclaimed survival horror classic on the GameCube, have reason to celebrate. After ten years of waiting, and numerous failed attempts at making a sequel, it seemed that Eternal Darkness was in some sort of development limbo. Many lost hope.

Yet, on May 3rd, the original team of developers announced that they are launching a crowdfunding campaign (which begins Monday, May 6th, at 12:00 PM) for a “spiritual successor,” tentatively titled Shadow of the Eternals.

Denis Dyack, the lead Eternal Darkness developer at Silicon Knights, is supposedly involved. However, a new studio, Precursor Games, is taking the helm. They are seeking to raise 1.5 million dollars, beyond which they will spend on stretch goals, including “future episodes, additional characters, additional platforms, and in-game perks.”

As of now, Shadow of the Eternals will be released in 12 episodes on PC and WiiU. Like Sanity’s Requiem, this spiritual successor will feature different time periods and locations, spanning 2500 years and varying locations, ranging from Egypt, England, Hungary, and the United States.

According to IGN, players will take on the role of Detective Paul Becker, who is investigating gang violence in modern-day Louisiana. They will also play as Clara Rusznyák, handmaiden to Erzébet Bathory, the infamous Hungarian countess who allegedly slaughtered dozens of adolescent girls so that she might bathe in their blood, as a way of maintaining her own youthful appearance. If Shadow of the Eternals is at all like Sanity’s Requiem, there will be other playable characters from different locations and time periods as well. The trailer, for example, features what appears to be a Knights Templar from medieval England. It is unclear as of yet whether Alexandra Roivas, the protagonist of Sanity’s Requiem, is a playable character.

And, like Sanity’s Requiem, the player will be tasked with balancing his or her health, magick, and sanity meters. The sanity effects in particular, which games like Amnesia: the Dark Descent have adapted, are what make Sanity’s Requiem, and in theory its spiritual successor, so special. I remember playing Sanity’s Requiem alone in my living room, in the dark, sanity meter depleted, when something absolutely bat-shit-crazy, fourth-wall-breaking would happen. The screen would suddenly go black, with the recognizable “VIDEO” in the upper right hand corner, as though my system had turned itself off. Or, when saving a game, I’d be given the prompt of “Would you like to delete all your save files?” Even when I’d select “no,” my save game would be “deleted.” And I’d be terrified. I recall that sanity effects like this scared me more than any of the enemies in the game.

More information on Shadow of the Eternals will be released on Monday when the crowdfunding is officially launched.

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