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Remember Me Trailer Released – Memories of the Way We Whirr


Remember Me Trailer Released – Memories of the Way We Whirr

In the mood for a cyberpunk-themed action adventure? You only have just over a month to wait until Capcom’s Remember Me launches and scratches that itch.

The game is set in Neo-Paris of 2084 and centers around the use, misuse, and manipulation of memories as a central mechanic. Much like how last year’s Dishonored called back to a number of influences, Remember Me‘s theme and style evokes *ahem* memories of other titles such as Deus Ex, The Matrix, and the Omega sections of Mass Effect. A gameplay trailer, narrated by its creative director Jean-Maxime Moris, has been released today and describes the different mechanics that Remember Me uses to create its memory-themed gameplay. You can see that by tearing yourself away from this scintillating text and watching the big video clip at the top of this page.

Our esteemed Queen Bee, Yamilia Avendano, previewed Remember Me at PAX East and was less than thrilled by what she saw. Hopefully the issues documented there have been ironed out in time for the game’s release.

Remember Me is slated for release on PS3, XBox 360, and PC on June 4th, 2013.

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