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Ready, Set, Twerk! – Rush Bros. Coming to Steam May 24th


Ready, Set, Twerk! – Rush Bros. Coming to Steam May 24th

One of my favorite things to do is insinuate music I like into games. The format itself is designed to provide a singular experience to every player, so the addition of music only accentuates that. Games like Audiosurf allow you to integrate gameplay with your iTunes library, creating an endlessly replayable experience that is adjustable depending on whatever is coming up on your playlist.

With the upcoming Rush Bros., XYLA Entertainment has taken this concept and thrown it into a blender with elements as disparate as platforming, co-op, time trials, and racing. This game has successfully passed through Steam Greenlight and is set to be released on May 24th.

Rush Bros

Originally conceived as a Portal 2 mod, you play as either DJ Bass or DJ Treble and navigate a number of platforming environments. Rush Bros. promises single and multiplayer modes, over 40 racing tracks that adapt and shift depending on what music is playing, and a bunch of exclusive tracks by Infected Mushroom. The trailer looks very reminiscent of Super Meat Boy but with a competitive mode, not to mention levels that change up while you’re playing.

If XYLA can pull this game off, Rush Bros. definitely has the potential to bridge the gap between casual players looking for a ‘chill-out’ game and hardcore fans looking for competition or a steep challenge. We’ll find out on May 24th, I guess.

You can check out the full deets from the official website.

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