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Limbo headed to the PS Vita


Limbo headed to the PS Vita


Any news of a game being released on the PS Vita is good news. This latest announcement comes packed with giant terrifying spiders, deadly traps, and frequent images of a little boy being mutilated over and over again. Developer Playdead announced today that the puzzle-platformer Limbo is hitting the handheld market via the PS Vita. Combining efforts with Double Eleven, Playdead is confident the Vita release will hold an uncompromised experience.

Limbo was originally released to the Xbox Live Arcade in 2010 and has since been released on the PS3, PC, and Mac. While some would criticize it for being short (at only 2-5 hours of gameplay) most press received it well and many players were left wanting more. My experiences with Limbo have mirrored this. I may have never officially finished the game (puzzles are difficult and I’m terrible at them) the experience was something worth playing. Limbo is definitely a game I can see working well on the PS Vita.

Limbo will hit PSN on June 4th and will cost $14.99.

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