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Happy 10th Birthday EVE Online – Griefing Keeps You Looking Young


Happy 10th Birthday EVE Online – Griefing Keeps You Looking Young

May 6th is a day of celebrations. Not only is it my wedding anniversary, but today is also the 10th anniversary of the launch of EVE Online.

EVE is a game that not a ton of people play due to its incredibly complex mechanics, but it is easily one of the most fascinating MMOs out there. It runs on a single server cluster, which means everybody in-game is playing in one persistent sandbox and fighting over the same resources. What makes this game REALLY fascinating however is that developer CCP not only tolerates such activities as griefing and exploiting the game’s mechanics, they actively encourage it.

The stories to come out of EVE Online are legendary. One in particular that I recall hearing is how a player joined a corporation and then spent a year working for them until he revealed that he was a sleeper for another corporation. He ended up killing that company’s CEO and making off with thousands of dollars worth of in-game items. Not only was he not banned, but he got to keep everything. “Well played”, says CCP.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, there are a number of upcoming developments for EVE Online. Today, CCP is releasing the Uprising expansion for its PS3 exclusive first-person shooter Dust 514, which is integrated within the player-driven EVE universe. In addition to that, the primary game will be releasing its 19th expansion, EVE Online: Odyssey, on June 4th. This expansion promises a more accessible interface ostensibly to bring in new subscribers to this rich and deadly online universe.

Forget about fantasy-themed pretenders — EVE Online is the true Game of Thrones. Do you have a favorite EVE Online story that you’d like to share? Leave a comment.


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