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GTA V Finally Gets Special & Collector’s Editions


GTA V Finally Gets Special & Collector’s Editions


(Cue “Radio Ga Ga’)

At long last, everyone’s questions have been answered. Starting today, Rockstar has released the pre-orders for their upcoming heist epic Grand Theft Auto V and in two variations. Besides the vanilla edition, complete with a copy of the game and not much else, you can also pre-order the ‘Special Edition’ and the top of the food chain ‘Collector’s Edition’. Here’s a rundown of what to expect when you drop the money for this year’s most anticipated game.

Special Edition ($79.99):


– Art steelbook

– Blueprint map

– In game content such as weapons, outfits, and ability boosts

Limited Edition (&149.99):


– Security deposit bag w/ Logo key

– Grand Theft Auto V snapback cap

– Classic characters for online multiplayer

– Unique vehicles and garage property

Pre-orders do start today, so you can either head to your closest vidya game retailer or order online from the Rockstar site which will be up later today or wherever you kids buy your games today. Grand Theft Auto V comes out September 17th.

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