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GTA 1 & 2 Coming to Sony Hardware


GTA 1 & 2 Coming to Sony Hardware

Probably should've held off on the chile verde

Probably should’ve said no to the chile verde

In possible celebration of the next big thing in gaming, it looks like two of the original releases in the mega super triple-A blockbuster are coming to PSN and the Vita. Grand Theft Auto and GTA 2 have been noted on the ESRB’s official site and with it comes another inevitable slew of mayhem and massacre revitalized for the next generation of unlucky children who never got to experience the classic’s history from the beginning.

The original Grand Theft Autos were nothing like they are today. While the core mechanics have more or less stayed the same, the first titles in the franchise sported a top down camera angle and graphics that resemble closer to the DS’s huge GTA hit Chinatown Wars. Still being fun to play and about as open world as you would expect an older game to be, they were huge hits, but I don’t think anyone could’ve imagined just how popular (and controversial) the series would become.

While these will be new and welcome additions to the PSN family of classic PS1 games whenever they are confirmed, both Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 are available on PC for the whopping price of free. Grand Theft Auto comes out September 17th.

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