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Yoshi’s Island 3DS Flutter Jumps Into Your Heart


Yoshi’s Island 3DS Flutter Jumps Into Your Heart

Seat belts are for wimps anyway.

Seat belts are for wimps anyway.

I hope you’re ready to lay tons of eggs only to subsequently beam them at your enemies once again, because Yoshi’s Island 3DS has been announced. The latest Nintendo Direct showed footage of the upcoming third installment in the Yoshi’s Island series. With the last entry having been Yoshi’s Island DS back in 2006, this has been a greatly anticipated title.

For the transition to the Nintendo 3DS, the game will receive the 3D graphics overhaul, but the stereoscopic 3D effect does not seem like it will play a large role. In the video, Satoru Iwata explains that the game will make use of some of the 3DS’ unique capabilities, but did not specify exactly how. He is likely referring to the built-in gyroscope as the footage features Yoshi tossing a gargantuan egg, wreaking havoc on a large portion of a level. Other than that, the familiar gameplay is being kept intact, complete with flutter jumps, egg throws, and collectibles.

At the present time, there is a scarcity of details and no launch date. We will keep you updated when more information comes in. Below you can find the Nintendo Direct announcement trailer to quench your thirst for projectile eggs for the time being.


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