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Muramasa Rebirth Shipping Out Limited Editions!


Muramasa Rebirth Shipping Out Limited Editions!


I love limited editions. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m a collector for these sorts of things, but games with substantial limited editions always tend to blur my sense of fiscal responsibility.

With that in mind, Aksys Games announced today that they will be shipping out a regular and a limited edition of Muramasa Rebirth on June 25th.

Included in this package deal is a HORI Vita face cover, a skin for your Vita, and perhaps most exciting, a lithograph by Muramasa designerer George Kamitani.

Additionally, all pre-orders of either the limited or standard edition will come with a short soundtrack granted you place your order at Amazon or Gamestop.

Originally a Wii title, Muramasa Rebirth is an updated port of Vanillaware’s 2D adventure title including a newly localized script.

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