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Let’s Play: Mass Effect Trilogy Bring Down the Sky Roundup!


Let’s Play: Mass Effect Trilogy Bring Down the Sky Roundup!

Welcome back!  In this THRILLING update for Let’s Play Mass Effect Trilogy, I have now finished up Bring Down the Sky and most of the sidequests available prior!  The rest of Virmire is being uploaded now and released soon so stay tuned for some of the biggest choices in the game that have extremely far reaching consequences.   So far, I’ve completed Artemis Tau, Noveria, Pinnacle Station, Feros, and Bring Down the Sky.  Very much looking forward to Mass Effect 2 on Insanity, probably starting late next week!  Mass Effect is a sci-fi RPG developed by Bioware that heavily incorporates player choice.  Expect to see this series last for quite awhile as I’m doing the entire trilogy!  Above is just a taste of what’s already released, but here’s the playlist to far.  Head over to YouTube to comment, subscribe, and check out our other content!


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