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GTA V: Rockstar Releases a Triple Trailer


GTA V: Rockstar Releases a Triple Trailer

Today, Rockstar released a trio of trailers for the much-delayed GTA V, following their traditional style of focusing on characters and context over gameplay. Giving snippets of each of the three playable characters, it’s clear that each of the three are hugely different people from very contrasted areas of Los Santos.

From the top, we have: Michael, a man rich in everything but human companionship, Franklin, a gangbanger whose background is reminiscent of 2004’s San Andreas, and Trevor, a shameless, drunken redneck. It’s a pretty interesting cast, with all three drenched in debauchery and potential for mayhem.

GTA V is currently pegged for a September 17th release, which with any luck won’t be pushed back again.

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