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5 Games To Get A Non-Gamer Playing


5 Games To Get A Non-Gamer Playing

As crazy as this might seem, not all people play video games (I know, insane right!?). As a gamer, I’ve always kinda figured that these non-gamers just didn’t like video games and I usually had a little bit of a bias against them for it too. Yet, as I’ve grown up and met more people in my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only real people that don’t game in some fashion are people that have never played one that suited them.

Now, a lot of us see this in our parents or older generations since the only real games they see involve blowing someone’s head clear off their shoulders with a shotgun most of the time, and that isn’t fair to them. I’ve recently just gotten my wife into gaming in a big way and I thought that this would be a great opportunity to help some of you all out there get the people you love to love what you love. Here is a list of 5 games that are sure to get the non-gamers in your life to start playing.


minecraft-logo-backgroundThis one will get a few eye rolls for sure, but let me explain my thought process here. Minecraft is a great way to introduce people into the first person control system and that is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. A lot of people truly do have difficulty using this camera setup when they need to target on to things and they can become frustrated easily when you start throwing enemies at them. Minecraft allows the user to step up their difficulty as time goes on. Starting them off on creative will give them a chance to screw up a little bit and get more comfortable with how to look around while moving. Once they feel a little more comfortable, stepping them up to easy will combine what they have already learned with some challenge in the form of enemies. On top of all that, Minecraft is addicting and has grown the large following it has for good reason.

Final Fantasy 7


OKAY, this one absolutely will get some eye rolls. Final Fantasy 7 has frequently been used as the shining example of story and emotion in gaming. A lot of gamers tend to automatically think of FPS games when they think of gaming and they shy away because they don’t think that games can have well written, emotional stories like books or movies offer. This is the game that will change their minds for sure. Final Fantasy games have always done a decent enough of a job at slowly introducing people into the combat system (it changes with every version, so they probably should) which means that the learning curve is fairly small and the player can really dive into the story. A nice little bonus is that it was for the PS1 and if you still have one of those, you can pick this up for cheap. If you have a PC, go get it here.



Oh Portal, how I love you. This game and this series really has it all… Funny, well written dialogue? CHECK! Great gameplay idea backed with perfect mechanics? CHECK! Fantastic story? ABSOLUTELY! Again, this is the type of game that non-gamers never think of when they think of gaming. What makes this a great idea to push in front of a non-gamer is the puzzle aspect. While I personally didn’t find them difficult, they offer enough of a challenge to where you feel good for finishing each level and that type of moral reward is great to a new gamer and will keep them engaged. After they get done, Portal 2 awaits them with even better everything.

Little Big Planet


The thing I get asked more than ever from people like my parents is that they want to play a game like Mario again. By that, they mean a side-scrolling jumping platform game. I could totally send them to any number of current Mario games, but why do that when I can introduce them to additional gameplay mechanics and interesting puzzles at the same time too? Gaming has come a long way since they last saw Mario running across the screen to save the princess, and physics are a large portion of that. Little Big Planet gives them cute characters that they can customize and a bunch of content to play around in, so the fun doesn’t have to end so quickly.

The Sims


Equal parts interior design, construction planning, dress up, and career counselor. With The Sims, you get the ability to play God and who doesn’t love that? The only real difficulty comes from not getting the urge to put your sim into a room alone, lock the doors, put in only a bunch of old newspapers and a cheap stove as you wait for your hapless little sim to burn themselves alive. Muahahaha….


OK, but seriously now, moms all over the world love this type of game because of how easy it is to pick up and how addictive it is. They get to have a virtual son that will actually make something of himself and marry a nice girl, and that makes them happy to finally get a chance to see that in life. Make your mom proud, even if just virtually, and introduce her to The Sims

These are just 5 games in what could have been a very long list. I chose these ones because of how easy they are to pick up, how addicting they are once the user has put in 30 minutes and how they relate to getting the skills to play other types of games. I’d love to hear some of your suggestions in the comments on what has worked for you in the past or what you think might work on the people in your life.


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