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English Release for Tale of ALLTYNEX Gets Kickstarter


English Release for Tale of ALLTYNEX Gets Kickstarter


Considered one of the best Shmups for the PC, SITER SKAIN’s vertical shooter Kamui is widely regarded amongst fans. I’m not even that big into the shoot em’ up scene and I know how much praise the game gets. Exciting then for the game to be included in the upcoming Tale of ALLTYNEX collection.

For all you fans of the genre, Kamui along with SITER SKAIN’s other two games ALLTYNEX SECOND and RefleX are in need of backing for a proper release in English for the first time ever. The original developers are working with the great people over at Nyu-Media to bring one of the best regarded indie shooters to the west. Hopefully all fans will see to it that it makes it over with added bonuses.

One of the stretch goals in particular, is a physical release copy which I find just gorgeous to look at. You can check out their Kickstarter page and Steam Greenlight page at the bottom along with some screens. Go check out the Kickstarter for Tale of ALLTYNEX!


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