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Earthbound Coming to Virtual Console — Prayers Have Been Answered


Earthbound Coming to Virtual Console — Prayers Have Been Answered

Seems normal to me.

Burn trees blaze it 420

After years of asking, Nintendo has finally budged and will be releasing the Super Nintendo classic Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console later this year. Some younger gamers may recognize the protagonist Ness from the Super Smash Bros. series. Now is as good a chance as any for these newcomers to get acquainted with his origins, and one of the best role-playing games that graced the Super Nintendo. Just as well, veterans that have been pleading for this will be able to bask in nostalgia as they journey back to the world of Earthbound/Mother.

The only thing left that fans will be dying for is an official Western Localization of Mother 3, but there is still no mention of plans for that. After Shigesato Itoi’s tweet raised some speculation last year, there hasn’t been any news about what exactly he was talking about. While Earthbound will be brought to the Virtual Console, this doesn’t really explain what he claimed to have been working on last December.

Only time will tell when everything will be unveiled. For now, get excited! PK EXCITED!

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