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Spotify and Rdio Playlist Inspired by Hotline Miami


Spotify and Rdio Playlist Inspired by Hotline Miami



Hotline Miami has one of the most fun and original video game soundtracks of the past year (or several, in my opinion). Both the visuals and the music of the game were inspired by the movie Drive, which I also loved. Before watching Drive or playing Hotline Miami, 80s culture kind of, well… creeped me out. Both Drive and Hotline are creepy in their own right, but surprisingly, they actually stimulated my interest for this kind of music. I wanted to listen while working on other projects, so using Spotify, I began compiling music from the game and movie.

Unfortunately, I found that some of the most iconic music from Hotline were just unusable in the playlist, namely, anything by Sun Araw. If you’ve played the game, these tracks will be instantly recognizable. Unfortunately, the songs are extremely repetitive and 10 freaking minutes long, which is totally unnecessary, and ruins the flow of the playlist. A real pity, because they really are iconic songs from the game. Also, Sun Araw is “War Anus” backwards, which made it even more difficult to eliminate them from the list.

Fortunately, I began finding music that, while not directly featured in Drive or Hotline Miami, fit perfectly in the playlist, and were more interesting standalone tracks. Check out the link to my “Spotify and Rdio Playlist Inspired by Hotline Miami” after the jump!

I compiled an enormous playlist from the best tracks of this genre which I can only describe as “modern 80s electronic” and whittled it down to to this 25 track playlist. I tried to come up with a diverse order that 1) prevents you from getting sick of one type of song too quickly, and 2) scatters my favorite songs throughout the list. It’s also good if you just play on shuffle. I’ve really enjoyed listening to the list for days, and I hope you will too! Both the Spotify and RDIO links are below. I recommend the Spotify list, as it includes several songs that I couldn’t find on Rdio:

Spotify Playlist Inspired by Hotline Miami

Rdio Playlist Inspired by Hotline Miami


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