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Bethesda Announces Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within


Bethesda Announces Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within

Opening with Bach’s Air, we are introduced to the back of a live action actor frantically tangling barbed wire. Soon, a cavalcade of grotesque monsters gather, presumably at his location. Macabre figures, disfigured and grotesque and on a level of disturbing I haven’t seen since the original three Silent Hill games.

Today IGN revealed Shinji Mikami’s (Resident Evil) The Evil Within with their exclusive trailer, which is the game of Bethesda’s teaser site from a few days ago. Since then more details regarding the game have since come out.

Siliconera gives a summary of the basic plot which follows Sebastian, a detective, and his partner are on the case of a gruesome crime scene. Soon, there’s an Agatha Christie moment in which one by one the other police officers are killed off and at some point Sebastian left unconscious. When he comes to he must contend in a world filled with these multi-limbed, split-faced creatures left with two goals. The first, survive the creatures; Second, solve the mystery that brought him there in the first place.

The game is described as being a pure survival-horror experience with limited resources and an environment designed to heighten anxiety and desperation. Scattered are resources that the player must manipulate using his cunning if they want a chance to survive.

I think the most exciting detail is that the environment changes in real-time according to player actions. This could mean shifting landscapes, different rooms, and doorways unique to each player and the choices they make.

The game is currently slated for 2013 for PS3, 360, PC, and as of yet unnamed next generation consoles.

I. Can’t. Wait.

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