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[SXSW] Marvel Shows Up With Noise


[SXSW] Marvel Shows Up With Noise

Project Gamma

Marvel had few reveals at SXSW this year. Last year was their come out party and they’ve followed it up with a bunch of noise. Noise in the form of Project Gamma. Project Gamma is an immersive expansion on top of Marvel’s Unlimited platform of digital trickery.

What Project Gamma offers is noise to your comic book experience. To transform the concept of digital print media in to a fully immersive experience is noble. Pointlessly noble. The concept is to offer what the artists and writers hear and listen to in their heads and transcribe that in to their work. I’m not sure where the appeal lies with this, but it is something interesting to do with their digital works and as pointless as I think it is, it offers something more for your comic buying dollar.

The rest of the panel was pretty much the exact same as last year, without the bang. We’ll have video footage on offer of the entire panel later.

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