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[Review] The Sims 3: University Life – Juice Kegger At My House


[Review] The Sims 3: University Life – Juice Kegger At My House


With The Sims 1 & 2 expansion packs, you had to decide whether the minor updates were worth the high cost. Save for the Stuff packs with The Sims 3, though, EA has managed to release some really great expansion packs that add a lot more than their parallels did with the past games. The Sims 3: University Life adds a whole new university town and the benefits of pursuing higher education, but should you even bother enrolling or choose to drop out of this one? God, I’m so lame. Hit the jump to read my review and catch the video review supplement.

The Sims 3: University Life, as I said before, adds the ability to send your sims (young adult through elder) to a new university town. There, they’ll have the opportunity to earn a degree in six different areas. Each allows your sims to start at a highler level within the specific careers they affect as well as earn an increased salary. That’s really the main reason you’d want to send your sims over to the college town because really, anything else you’d do over there can be done in the regular towns. In fact, 50,000 lifetime points nets you an honorary degree of your choice, so really, it’s not that fascinating of a town to send your sims to for a term or two. That is, unless you’re that into role playing or want some of the major-specific items for free. Or you like doing odd jobs for minimal cash.

The Sims 3: University Life also brings three new skill sets: social networking, street art, and science. Each bringing new items that help increase the skill level. It’s a little weird that they’ve suddenly decided that logic shouldn’t cover science, also. Makes me wonder why they didn’t have the science skill before, given that they had a scientist career track since the beginning of the game’s release. A word of advice with the street art skill: don’t go around spray painting every wall you see. Apparently that’s illegal.


Along with the university lifestyle comes the university social group system. The more activities you do and people you befriend that pertain to either the nerds, jocks, or rebels, the more influence you’ll get. What does this give you? Seemingly nothing. Some new social interactions here and there. The notable reward for maxing out the influences is that you get new fancy career possibilities. These include Sports Agent, Art Appraiser, and my favorite, Video Game Developer. Speaking of which, it’s hilarious that you can only “complain about video games” and not praise or celebrate them. Accurate as hell. This expansion pack also brings forth some new personality traits to help (or hinder) your quest to be the coolest (or suckiest) student in town. Avant Garde, Irresistible, and Socially Awkward are all new. I question whether Avant Garde is necessary as the Artistic trait already existed. I went with Irresistible because I like to keep my sim counterpart very accurate and true to life.

As with other expansions, new hairstyles and clothing options are added on. So is it all worth $39.99? Despite the fact that the university town is utterly useless unless you don’t feel like spending the 50,000 points for an honorary degree, I’d say The Sims 3: University Life is totally worth it for The Sims 3 fans that want a lot of new content added to their game. It’s definitely up there in the list of most significant expansions to The Sims 3.

[Final Breakdown]

[+New skills] [+New traits] [+New clothes, hairstyles, and items] [+New careers] [+Llama swag] [-New town is pointless]



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