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[Review] Ridiculous Fishing – Gaze Into the Abyss and You’ll Find the Abyss Gazing Into You


[Review] Ridiculous Fishing – Gaze Into the Abyss and You’ll Find the Abyss Gazing Into You


How easy would it be for me to just say Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing is the best fishing game I’ve ever played? Aside from some mini-games in titles such as Legend of Zelda or Deadly Premonition, I haven’t played any fishing games so it wouldn’t be hard at all. So what more then, could I say about Ridiculous Fishing besides the fact that it is indeed, the best fishing game I have ever played?

Maybe I’ll just start from the beginning.


The game is divided into three segments per round of fishing I suppose you could call it. First is the baiting, where you send out your line into the depths of the water and see how far down your line can go, all while dodging fish as your lure descends. Why dodge fish in a fishing game? The score is based on how many fish you can capture and the deeper down you go the more (and rarer) fish are available to you on your way up. You can maneuver your lure by tilting your iOS device side to side, dodging fish and other obstacles along the way down. Once you touch a fish, the baiting phase ends and your lure begins an upward climb back to the surface snagging and all fish you can catch on your way (which is why the deeper you go the more fish you can catch on your way up). The ascent is the second phase but remember when I said there was a third and final phase? Well once your line with all the fish you managed to catch on your way up reaches the surface, the fish fly into the air and it is your job to shoot them. Consider it extreme fishing if you will but you’ll only receive points for the fish you shoot and kill. That my friend, is some ridiculous fishing.

I’ve been using the word ‘point’ but in reality you get cash money for every fish you blast. Some fish are only worth $1 while other more rare fish (which are usually deeper down the ocean) can be worth up to hundreds. What can you do with all that money? Buy things of course!


With the new income you can buy longer lines to reach deeper depths, bigger guns to kill more fish, and accessories that will make fishing much more convenient. This includes saw attachments to buzz your way past pesky walls of fish that might prevent you from going further down without forcibly ascending your line, lamps that guide your way in the dark ocean floor, and toasters just because it’s fun to electrocute fish in water. Oh also you can buy hats.

If enjoyably repetitive gameplay, amazing music, and the quest for deeper depths and rarer fish aren’t enough to get your attention, then there is a quaint little world that’s fun to learn about here as well. Byrdr (Twitter in RF world) keeps you updated with short snippets of narrative. It’s not interactive but it delivers you NPC twitter feeds that slowly build the world and story of Ridiculous Fishing that ends up surprisingly compelling, especially during the ending. That’s right, the game has a narrative ‘ending’ but you’re free to continue fishing long after. I didn’t see it coming but there is I suppose an emotional ending to it all that seems so natural for a fishing game about a man patiently sitting on a boat going ever deeper into the ocean. I don’t really know how to explain, but just know that there is a sort of narrative payoff if just exciting fishing isn’t enough for you.

A gameplay mechanic that is endlessly replayable, 4 different bodies of water to fish in, and a catalog of weird and exciting fish (never thought I’d ever write those words) are all here. The game is perfect for quick rounds of fishing on the go, or long obsessive playing that usually happens when the game sinks its hooks into you.

The idea that mobile games can’t be full fledged games is disappearing with each game like Ridiculous Fishing. However we are still accustomed to expecting greatness as only being achievable through long campaigns and complex mechanics. Simple games like these show that pure gameplay and clever design added with light story is just as compelling as any major titles. It’s not a perfect game but it’s a damn fine one so if you have a mobile device I strongly recommend picking this up. Definitely enough to make that bus rid to work more enjoyable for sure.


[Final Breakdown]

[+Endlessly enjoyable][+Lot of content for iOS][+Beautiful design in terms of music and aesthetics][+Delightful is a word I’d use to describe the game][-Camera is sometimes unreasonable during shooting sections]

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